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Postcard Dulcetkittehs


ALL cats love to sit in boxes, and we are no exception. Give us a box and we'll make it our bed any day. Sometimes, we fight for space in the box and there can only be one winner. But here, we are sharing the box since it is so huge and spacious. It is pretty cosy and we can all snuggle together!

This awesome drawing of us was done by the lovely Grace of Gewwybeans! (Grace has a little dog named Xiao Jia, and he's often portrayed in her drawings printed on to her range of cards and totes. There may even be some space for Xiao Jia in the box with us!)

Each Dulcetkittehs card is sealed with nose kisses from us =)

But first, the more important question you have to ask yourself, seriously. You sure you wouldn't trade ___________ (fill in the blank with a name) for a box of kittehs? Think carefully now!

Nose kisses from the Dulcetkittehs


Dulcetkittehs support smaller independent cat welfare groups that truly need our help. As we were once strays ourselves, we have a firm belief in cat rescue and adoption, and have chosen Love Kuching Project as our adopted charity.

20% of Dulcetkitteh's postcard sales (not profits) is donated to Love Kuching Project.

Our donations will go directly towards paying for the medical bills of affected cats, rescued by the community members and volunteers of Love Kuching Project. Love Kuching Project is a cat rescue group that focuses on cat rescue, sterilisation of stray cats, cat adoption and education.

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