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Tote Dulcetkittehs


:: The Dulcetkittehs Tote Bag ::

We had to sit really still to get our portrait drawn! (Well, not really. But we are usually pretty still when the paparazzi take our photos.)

It was an honour to have our portrait drawn by a famous Hong Kong pet artist, Fran. He draws with ink, and makes us look so good! (check out his incredibly life-like drawings on Franctasy.)

As we are usually found on the counter top (when we are not taking our cat naps), we thought its best to show how poised and regal we look on our ‘pedestal’.

First the human took shots of what we liked and pieced them together. Then Fran drew up a sketch. We, The Dulcetkittehs, gave the OK, and the final piece was completed by Fran under our supervision. We made sure it showed our best angles!

We then sent the human along to get our cute drawing silk screened on to very handy totes, so you can carry us around and you will feel like we’re with you every step of the way. (Ok a little dramatic we know.)

So here, we present to you, The Dulcetkittehs Totes. =)


Well, we didn’t always used to perch on the pedestal like royalty. We used to roam the street (and drains) until we found this crazy cat lady, who was smitten by our big round eyes.

Dulcetkittehs support smaller independent cat welfare groups that truly need our help. As we were once strays ourselves, we have a firm belief in cat rescue and adoption, and have chosen Love Kuching Project as our adopted charity.

20% of Dulcetkitteh's tote sales (not profits) is donated to Love Kuching Project.

Our donations will go directly towards paying for the medical bills of affected cats, rescued by the community members and volunteers of Love Kuching Project. Love Kuching Project is a cat rescue group that focuses on cat rescue, sterilisation of stray cats, cat adoption and education.

*Batting our big round eyes* Take home a Dulcetkittehs Tote today! 

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